Sunday, January 3, 2016

~Lost~ Episode 3

Alrighty, here we go!

~Auda's POV~

Three more girls jump down from above.

I eye them all, and they eye me. 

"I'm Jade. Short for Jadelynn." The first girl, the cool one says.

"I'm Will. That's short for Willow." says the next.

"I'm Mist. Short for Misty." says the youngest.

"And I'm Peter. That's short for Petrova." 

"I'm Auda.... short for.... uh... Auda."

"So... did you bring anything with you?" asks the small one, Mist.

"Uh, no, I din't know I should..." I reply, blushing a deep scarlet.

"Aw man. I wish you had. Clothes aren't easy to come by around here." says Peter, smiling.

"But, I mean, uh, It's fine that you didn't." says Mist.

"Will, take her upstairs and dress her in something different, please. I can't stand that dress." says Jade, who is obviously in charge.

When we come back down, she looks at me approvingly.

"Much better. Now, I know you have questions, so let's get this over with." 

"Yes, actually. Aren't there any more of you?" I ask, counting heads. My father turned in way more than this. 
"Yes, but most didn't survive." says Jade. Mist pales.

"Ok. Last question. Have any of you ever ventured back into the city? Perhaps, tried to take over the throne?"

"Are you crazy?!" exclaims Mist, throwing her hands up into the air.

"Only Peter has ever tried to sneak in." Jade says. All eyes turn to Peter.

"I made it in twice. The last time, I barely escaped. I'd agree with you, Auda, and try again, but the odds are against us."

"So... you're just... giving up?"

"No. We still have one hope. We hold on to the prophecy." Jade says.
"What prophecy?" I ask.
"When she who can overthrow the throne,
she who is the queen's flesh and bone,
she who is willing to sacrifice
will make the way, true and bright.
That is the prophecy. That is why we don't try again. We won't try until the prophesied girl comes. When she does, we'll follow your plan. But not right now." Jade answers. 
"But... what if there is no prophesied girl?" 


  1. Ooh, this is really good so far! I like that you're writing it in present tense -- I usually write my stories in past tense, but it's cool to see someone doing something different.

    btw, I love Jade's outfit! So pretty.


    1. Thanks! I write in all sorts of tenses..... ;p i had a hard time choosing present this time.

      I let the "girls" choose their own "costumes"... ;p


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