Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cindy's Sentiments- The Wedding

Hey, it's Cindy! The wedding was awesome. They had a pretty good turnout. Even Pinkie Cooper managed to come! Some of the dolls couldn't go because of Doll Flu, though. :( Poppy and Chris are so happy! The wedding went well. Dexter Charming, the Ever After High doll, acted as clergy. Instead of the traditional wedding march, Poppy walked down the aisle to a live performance of the Star Wars soundtrack. :) I was a bridesmaid, along with two other girls, and two Maids of Honor. Instead of bracelets, the bride and groom exchanged necklaces.  Oh, and Hunter was a hilarious Best Man, considering he had just met Chris two minutes before! :D
Being a Star Wars fan, for the figures atop the cake, Chris chose someone named Rey and a construction worker... with a metal hand. He says that it's reminiscent of Luke, whoever Luke may be. They had a delicious chocolate cake. Yum yum!


AnonymousA took some photos of the bride and groom. I captioned them, for your enjoyment.

Why is her hand off in space?

Is she kissing his... nose?

She looks evil.

Is he smelling her hair?!

I'll leave that one the way it is. :)

Tomorrow they go on their honeymoon to Doll Vegas. Many of us are jealous. :p


  1. LOL! This post was so funny! I love how the bride walked down the aisle with live Star Wars music being played. I can just imagine her walking down to the Imperial March. XD LOL! JK! Great pictures of the bride and groom! My favorite is the first one!:)

  2. Actually, it was the Imperial March.... ;p

  3. LOLOLOL! You are SO funny, AA! Reading the captions on your pictures made me laugh so hard! XD XD XD "Is she kissing his... nose?" XD XD XD Never stop being you, please. Like, ever. XD



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