Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Updates! (Yay...)

Hey guys! So...
this is a boring updates post.
Yay. Fun.

1. I totally and utterly forgot about Isabelle's birthday! She wanted to have it at Grandma's house just like Molly, so we'll probably do that within the next few weeks.
2.  I'm doing CWWC all this month which means: MORE POSTS!
3. Remember the 12 Days of Christmas? Once more, I will be doing that!
4.  The last part of arrivals is happening probably on Monday. I say probably because I need to upload them, preferably at a place with speedy wi-fi. :p

Alrighty, thank you for reading this boring updates post.

Here's a picture of Cerise, just to keep this post from being too boring.
Creating Worlds Writing Camp
My mom wanted to know what CWWC was.

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