Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve With the Ever After Highs 2015 (Part 2)

Yep. Title says it all.
This girl, whom Rosie called Ginger, sat us led us to a large wooden table. "Sit down, and let me teach you Party 101. First lesson? Decoration!"

With a swirl of white magic, she flicked her fingers.

The next thing we knew, we were sitting on a lush carpet that was printed with flipflops. 
"Next lesson? Food. That's easy-peasy for me, 'cuz I'm a candy witch!"

With another swirl of white magic and a hand movement, we had two full giant porcelain cups of candy. 

"Ta-da! You've just been educated on candy!" she said, winking at me.

"Now, guests."
I stared at her, waiting for the swirl of magic.

"What? Why aren't you doing anything?" I asked, disliking her more and more by the minute.

"I need your phone, genius."
"Oh." I said, feeling idiotic.

She called my friends, and I am not sure what she said, but the next thing I knew, they were there.

"Hey-lo!" said Maddie, standing on... thin air.

"Why aren't you two wearing shoes?" I asked. 
"We are the Anti-Shoes Guild! Or Club, or maybe a League." said Holly, inspecting her toes.

Next were Raven, Cupid, and Allison.

Then, The Red Girls. AKA Apple, Cerise, and Lizzie.

Then came everyone else, led by Kitty. Apparently Kitty had used her magic to 'poof' them there.

"Alright-y, let's go to the photo booth!"

AnonymousA would only let me post two, so I selected two for your enjoyment.

Ginger... Grr.

Allison and Bunny-BFFs!

Then, we went to try the party food. Apple approved them for us.

But the worst thing, the WORST was when Hunter said "Wow, great party Ginger. Even better than the one Lynn did last year."

That was the last straw. I stood up and pointed at Ginger. "GO AWAY! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!"

Cliffhanger! :D

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