Thursday, December 10, 2015

Drama Queen: An EAH Photoshoot

I took this super long photoshoot of Lizzie Hearts, AKA Elizabeth Jane Hearts today.  Her hair had been out of its original style for a while now,  so I shampooed her hair and trimmed the ends. I am just about to go out and take photos for Isabelle's birthday party! Eep! ;)
Well, without further ado, Drama Queen!

Dramatics, anybody?

She looks so noble in this photo!

"Are you looking at me?"

Woe is her.

"Turn my back and slam the door!"

"It's so hard being a drama queen."

...Or is she just cold?

Beautiful girl. :)

I love this picture.
Take a bow.

So, I have not been appreciating My EAH Lizzie as much as I should. Lately, when I've looked at her, all I've seen is ill-fitting clothes, frizzled hair, and messed up lip paint. But the camera saw her differently. Through the camera, I saw a drama queen.  I am sure that Lizzie and the other EAHs will be featured much more often!

I go now to take Isabelle's birthday photos, watch The Mommy and Gracie Show, and  listen to Christmas Music.

My favorite? Christmas Must be Something More by... (who else?) Taylor Swift.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

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  1. YOU HAVE LIZZIE HEARTS?! I am so jealous! I've been wanting her for a year or more!! I'm hoping that I'll get her for Christmas!:) These pictures were really great! I love your unique angles, I'm not very good at that! LOL!;)


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