Tuesday, December 22, 2015

CWWC Challenge 6: Picture House

Happy Winter Solstice!

I used all three prompts, Loren! I did change the wording a bit for the last one, you know, the "You come to the realization." one.

Picture House

I'd lived in the Picture House my whole life. The Picture house was an orphanage, and I'd been here since my parents had died when I was seven. I missed them most terribly.  All around the city, people shied away from the orphanage. I thought that was just because they were ashamed of how many of us there were, and how un-cared-for  we were.
I was wrong.

One day, a boy walked out of the orphanage. All was well, except that wherever he stepped, though it was 79 degrees outside, ice appeared. Well, he only took about three steps before he was shoved back inside and the ice was cleaned up. We never were allowed to leave after that. Everyone acted like everything was alright, but it wasn't.
That was when I came to the realization that fence around the orphanage was to keep the public safe from the kids- not the other way round. We were not... normal. Not their definition of normal, anyways. But really, what is normality? Perhaps it is normal to deviate from the "norm". Perhaps not. I however, do not believe in normalcy; it is against everything I stand for and believe in. But by 'not normal' I mean we were not human.
Or maybe we were human, and they weren't. I think that we were more human than any of them will ever be. Perhaps that is a bad thing. Perhaps it is not. Whatever. But... we had... well, for lack of a better word, powers. Some telekinesis, some ice, some fire, etc. But instead of being taught how to use these powers, we were just locked away. It was like nobody wanted to deal with us. Maybe they didn't, but it would've been nice if they had. Well, we taught ourselves. In the cold, dark halls of Picture House, we taught ourselves.

That was four years ago.
I am 12 now, and I think I am ready for escape. Last night, the oldest child, Lara, who is 18, said she would chose four children to go find a new place for us. My best friend Emma and I really want to go. In just a few minutes, Lara will announce who is going. I have a feeling that it will be the people who we least expect. It so often is the ones we don't expect to be exceptional that are the most exceptional. Now I hear Lara calling. "Everyone! Come on, I have the names!" she calls. We all walk over to her. "The four are.... Emma, Jak, Peder, and................Kara." I blink. I am Kara. I grasp Emma's shoulders. "We made it!" I scream, as the crowd goes wild. We know we have to escape under the cover of night, when the sun has not yet lifted up the curtains. We pack our few belongings, and some of the armor is given to us to wear. I hold up my sword, ready for anything. With many tears and goodbyes, we are off. I am not sure where we are headed to, but we will find a new home for us and our friends. As we step out, the lights in the words Picture House flicker, and some go out. It says 'cure us'. Peder reads it 'Pit hoe'. I'm not sure what that's about. But we set out on our journey.

Three days later, tired, sick, and craving Lindt dark chocolates, which our best magicians were able to conjure up, we walk up to a large stone building.  I walk in, the others following me close behind. There are six paintings hanging from the ceiling. Each one represents a class of magic, I can tell. This is the place; this is the safe haven.


I reallllyyy want to continue this story now! :p


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