Friday, December 18, 2015

CWWC Challenge 5: Heroes

KEEPERS! I am sooo sorry I couldn't post, but I was sick, and it really couldn't be helped. I will be trying really hard to make it up to you!

Oh, and I used some prompts from Challenge 4; I don't think that gives us more points though.

Story time! Or chapter one time...


The streets weren't safe after dawn. That was what Ayla told me, at least. Ayla was my older sister, and she had been here longer than anyone. Only knights went out, she said. Knights. But she wasn't a knight, so how did she know? She had never passed the test; the test Mama had created. Mama claimed we needed balance. "Like Star Wars!" she'd laugh. I never knew what that was. But Mama had left a few months ago. She said we'd make it. Make it where? I'd thought. Nowhere. I wasn't a knight. I was nothing. But Bree would make it. This is her story.

Bree was a girl who loved most things, and what she didn't love, she tolerated. She was already a Black Knight of the Highest Order of Jerrifotham. She not only was my oldest sister, she was my confidant. She knew I'd be a knight... but that's another story, to be told in another place in another time. Bree knew her place in the world, and it wasn't here, scared silly like the rest of us. No, she belonged far over the purple sea, on hilltop all aglow. She was meant to go this year, but could not.
Because of the games. The games only happened once every thirteen years. This year, Bree was chosen as captain. She had to choose a team, go to the human world, and make it back here without putting one foot in the same place twice.  Easy enough, right?

The human world is different than ours. Much, much different. But if we couldn't succeed, our world would lose balance, and we would all perish in fire and water. But we're just kids; We aren't supposed to be heroes. We're supposed to let the grownups do the dirty work until we're stronger. That's how it is with gnomes, anyways. 
Oh, have I not mentioned what we are?
We're Cyphrens.
Cyphrens were once a brave, seafaring people, prone to adventures. When the king died at sea, however, we collapsed. Our whole civilization did. We had literally no culture, no idea of who we were, no nothing. That's where the games come in. We had won every year for a thousand years. We had won... because we were Cyphrens. Cyphrens were long, tall creatures, and many resembled trees. We had pale, thin birches, old, wizened oaks, and even a few banana trees; that is to say, crazy people. We lived in Cyprus trees at the edge of a swamp.We bordered on a thick wood, and we were close cousins with the elves. We also had archery lessons with our cousins. We could sword fight, knit, sing, swim, and see the future. Some called us Jacksof, as in Jacks-of-all-trades. When we lost our culture, though, we started losing. We had lost for a hundred years already.
But we would win this year.
Because we were heroes.
I used all three from challenge 5, and from challenge 4 I used two. If you don't see one, it's probably because I used the image of the girl climbing the fence to create the idea for the games. :p


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