Saturday, December 12, 2015

CWWC Challenge 3: A Great Champion

 Yep. So, the title of this story may/may not have something to do with the fact that the Keepers are winning... (Dragons, Narnians, and Half-Bloods, no offense I hope.)


A Great Champion

I felt terrible. I had the flu, and had had the flu for three days already. Today felt like an eternity. In an effort to cheer me up, my sister had brought me an old book she found in her bedroom. Nice, but I wasn't too interested until after lunch. I had just about done everything.. but... read that book. I opened it. "No title page?" I said to myself. It looked like it had been torn out, and it was one of those books that did not have a title on the cover. I turned a page, and to my amazement, found a beautiful full-color illustration of a boy fighting a dragon. "Oh, cool..." I said.  "Mom, come here!" I said. She stepped into the room. "Yes, Holiday?" she said. Yep. Holiday. That's my name. I was born the day before Christmas, so, yeah.  I showed her the picture. "I recognize that picture!" she said. "This was Gracie's favorite book." Gracie was my sister. Unheeded, my mom turned the page and began to read aloud. It didn't start with a chapter, like a normal book does. It started right off. 
The boy named Dominic, which backwards spelled Cinimod, walked along in the land of Cinimod. I stopped her. "Wait.. is this a nonsensical book?" I asked. Mom nodded. I motioned for her to carry on. He did not know what he had come for; all he knew was what he wanted. He had come two days ago, and he did not understand this land. He looked at the road sign. "You've actually been here before. We just made sure you forgot." Huh? He wondered. She read through three hundred pages before I finally stopped her again. I had stopped her, because we had gotten to a particularly interesting scene, and I needed a cough drop before we continued. she handed a raspberry cough drop to me. As I sucked it, she read a bit more. The dragon Fremen looked at Dominic. "You think you can kill me, boy? Well, you and your little cheerleader over there are going to die in The Dragon War." he said, slithering closer to Farah. Farah looked at him with a withering glare. "I am not his cheerleader." she hissed between clinched teeth. Dominic held out his sword. "Do or die." he said. They launched into battle. Dominic lunged at the dragon, yelling modern-day war cries. Here I interrupted again, this time because of a fit of coughing. Patting me on the back, Mom said, "Do you wanna stop there, honey?" "NO." I said between coughs. "Okay then..." When we finally got to the end, I had her re-read the last lines again. 

And so the boy, having slain his foe, feeling victorious, looked at the girl. "Should we go home?" "Ok." she said, and snapped her fingers. They were back at the road sign. "So... this is it. This is home." Dominic said. "Yes." Said Farah. And so, Dominic, leading Farah down the road, finally knew what he had come for; He had come to be a great champion.

The End

Short, I know.
Isabelle's party may/may not happen tomorrow afternoon.  I have not been feeling very well, so.....Yeah.... Sorry it did not happen today!




  1. You did a great job! I loved your story, it was very creative. :)

  2. A story inside a story. Very cool!:) And yes, I am super stoked for The Force Awakens!! I just watched all of the Star Wars movies in December and now I am in love! LOL! I can't wait!:D


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