Tuesday, December 8, 2015

CWWC CHALLENGE 2: A New Promise, Being a Tale of a Princess, a Carousel, and a Cup of Hot Chocolate

 Long titles rule the world.

 So... I have got to take some photos. I literally feel like I will die if I don't take some photos. CHARGE, CAMERA CHARGE!

Did anyone else picture a legion of cameras charging down a hill, swords drawn and death in their eyes? No? It was just me? Ok.

Here we go. A spur-of-the-moment story about a princess, a carousel, and a cup of hot cocoa.
Better known as...

 A New Promise

Being a Tale of a Princess, a Carousel, and a Cup of Hot Chocolate

I loved that carousel. The one in the town square. Every day I'd go ride it. Every day, when I got my allowance, I went out to ride it. I pretended that that one horse, the little one, was mine. I was smaller than the other kids back then. The horse was smaller than the other horses. We were meant to be.
You notice I say was, were, loved, pretended, etc. 
Past tense.
That was the past. Before the prophecy.
When I first left for Kindergarten, my parents gave me a necklace with a tree on it. I just thought it was a gift, until I saw that every child had something with a tree on it. That was when the teacher called us to order. "Class," She said, "Today is a good day. Today you will learn the prophecy."
And that was the last moment when I could truly say I lived a normal life. The prophecy is this:
When she who loves the carousel
who is smaller than others hears tell
of the tree, that keeps our world alive
It will definitely change her life
From the tree to the castle wall
she will save all. 

~10 years later~
On my 15th birthday I rode the carousel. It seemed to have grown with me. Bigger than the other horses. Long and lanky.  A lot like me. I was no longer smaller than the other kids. I was taller.  About my second time around, I heard screams. The carousel exploded, and I was sent flying. I  felt myself spinning, and I heard voices. then I blacked out.

~1 hour later~
I wake up in a forest, surrounded by leaves. I walk for a few minutes. I finally come to a hut in a small clearing. I knock on the door, and an old woman opens it. "Hello, Star." She says to me. "How do you... know my name?" I ask. "I am your grandmother, and a grandmother never forgets a grandchild's face." she says to me. She ushers me in. "Are you thirsty?" she asked. With a start I realize that I am. I nod. It seems like I have gone dumb. She hands me a cup of hot chocolate. I raise it to my lips to drink, and I stop. The steam rising up from it is not steam. It is a scene. A scene of the forest. There are birds flying around, and deer walking about. I see a castle, nestled in the forest. Just outside a gate is a huge tree. I finger my necklace. "The prophecy..." I whisper. My grandmother nods. "You are the hero. You will save our world." I gasp, but as I do, the scene melts away. I sip the hot chocolate. "Where should I go?" I ask. She blinks. "You just saw it with your own eyes." She says. I stand up. "Thank you." I say, smiling. She nods. I step out of the door, and realize that I forgot to say bye. I look back, but the house is gone. The clearing is gone. I am alone in a totally different part of the woods. I know where to go now. It seems like a sixth sense has just awoken in me, and it is urging me onward. I turn southeast, plant my feet firmly on the ground, and I walk. I walk for days, maybe weeks, it seems, never growing tired, nor hungry, nor thirsty. Finally I come to a hill. I climb it, and about halfway through exhaustion finally hits me. When I finally get to the top, I collapse in a thickly wooded area, gasping. Finally I start crying. I'm lost, hungry, and alone, and my birthday was long past without even a proper celebration. That was when I heard a voice. "Don't cry." It said. It was a high, sweet, lilting voice. Strangely enough, it reminded me of the carousel. I look around. "Who are you?" I say. "Don't you know me?" It gasps. I look down, and to my amazement I see the carousel horse. It is small once again. "Star, you are the princess Andromeda from the bright city of Zorath. I always knew it. That was what brought me to life." the horse coughed. "I am going now. Maybe I will come back, one day. But it wasn't just you being the princess that I loved. It was how much you loved me. How much you loved a carousel. How much you loved a family. A town. A world, even. We need more people like that. Don't lose your love, princess." I nod, tears streaming down my cheeks. I feel it start to stiffen. "And one last thing...." The horse says. "Yes?" I say, caressing it. "Lift up your head, princess. If not the crown falls." And with  that, I no longer hold a living, breathing thing, but a carousel horse that is smaller than the others. And I, feeling small for the first time in two years, feel smaller than everyone else too. We sit there for a long while, a bedraggled girl and a small carousel horse. I pick her up and lay her down by a fir tree. "I will come back for you, horse." I say firmly. I knew then and there that I would keep that promise.

~1 day later~
I am there. I feel it deep inside me. I even see the tree. Beside that tree, there is a wall. Such a torn up, mangled wall. So mangled that it is almost unrecognizable as a wall. I climb the tree, tearing my dress even more than it already was. before I jump over the wall, I count to five. It felt like the thing to do. When I get to five, I leap. I land surprisingly gracefully, and on my feet too! I look around me. There is just a castle and a bunch of overgrown wisteria bushes. "I am here." I say loudly. I feel ridiculous, but I do it anyway. "The princess Andromeda is here!" I shout. Suddenly a great change comes over the whole place; perhaps even the whole world. The ivy withers and falls to dust which is picked up by the wind. The castle changes as well. It becomes a a lively castle, as I imagine it was long, long ago. I hear living things, smell living things, and feel life pulsing through the whole place. That is when I know that I have fulfilled the prophecy.

~3 years later~
To this day, I rule the castle. My grandmother and family sometimes come to visit me. The whole forest is alive and happy once again, for I have united the wild with the more civilized world of humans. I still have the carousel horse, but I have never heard it speak whilst here. I have often thought that it winked at me; perhaps it was just a trick of the light. I know though, that someday, I will hear her again. She will call out to me, and say.....
but that was when I heard...
And I hugged her, for the time was right for her to live once more.
The End

Man, that took forever. Like, all day. Oh my. I'm going to bed now. Or perhaps I will read the Penderwicks beforehand. Either way, goodbye.



  1. Ooh! This was really good!:) Great job!

  2. Ooh, this was amazing! I love that you used all the prompts, too. :) GO TEAM KEEPER!


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