Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Arrivals: Part 8:The Finale Act II

Finally, the final finale.
No laugh?
Sigh. I need better jokes.

~Act II~

Changed into a traveling outfit, I sit down. I'm waiting for 
Miss A- no, Miss Daisy- to take me to Aunt Mia's house.
I hear a phone ring and low voices in the other room. Miss Daisy is getting the girl's Christmas portraits done today, and she is probably talking to the photographer. 

Just then, Miss Daisy comes in and hands me the phone. "It's your Aunt Mia." she says.

I take it from her. "Thank you." I say, as she leaves the room.

I hold it up to my ear. "Aunt Mia?" I say timidly. 
"Hello, Jenna-Grace, darling! I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!
I bet you've grown lots."
"Yeah..." I say, but she doesn't seem to hear me as she barrels on.

"Darling, I have something perfectly dreadful to tell you." She says. My heart sinks. 
"I've been promoted, and my company is transferring me to their branch in Japan. From there, who knows where I'll go? France, England, Jamaica.... but... I can't take you, honey. They won't let me. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to take you, and I'm sure you'd enjoy it very much, but I just can't.
I guess you'll have to find another family to stay with... Perhaps you'll be adopted. A mother and siblings, just like you've always wanted? Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise, eh?" I start to say something, but I hear another call coming in. "Sorry, love, but it's my boss. Probably wants to make sure I'm done packing. I'll bring you lots of souvenirs and FaceTime you lots, K? Bye honey!" 
"Bye, Aunt Mia..." and then she hangs up.

I set the phone down.

I begin to cry. Miss Daisy comes in.
"Follow me." She says.

I stand up to follow her.

She leads me to a secluded, mossy area. She kneels down beside me and begins to talk. "Jenna-Grace, I talked to your Aunt Mia a little before she talked to you. I am well aware of the situation. I hope you know that the girls and I have come to love you... almost like you are flesh and blood. You know that I have adopted before, and... well..." She trails off. I brace myself for the goodbye... because that's all I've ever known.

But then she takes me by surprise. She shifts her position. "Jenna-Grace, would you like to be my daughter, Molly, Harriett, Sophia, Isabelle, and Lucy's sister, and a full-time McIntire?

The girls come up behind me. They all place their hands on me. 

"What do you say?" Miss Daisy says, extending her hand out to me.

Well... what could I say?

"Yes, Mama."


Hey guys! AnonymousA here! Jenna-Grace has joined our dolly family at last.  Did anyone catch my Taylor Swift reference up there? "I brace myself for the goodbye... Because that's all I've ever known." I just had to use it. :) Please answer my poll on the sidebar! I really do want your feedback.

By the way... some of you may have noticed that Harriett's leg appears to be attached. That is because my mom and I used packing tape to hold it in place until my dad fixes it. And as for Harriett's modeling shoot, we are waiting for the agency to release them. Thank you for reading, and have a great rest of the week!


  1. Yes, I caught the song reference. I'm glad Jenna-Grace will stay!!

    1. I'm glad you caught the reference. I know! What would you like my next photostory to be about?

  2. Yay! This series was so good!:) I'm so glad she's staying!

    1. Thanks, Emma! You know, it was your series about your Grace doll that inspired Arrivals. What do you think My dolls should do next?

    2. Oh wow! I kind of noticed that it was sort of like mine, but had a different resolve and other things!;D I don't know! I think just do what you want to do!:)

    3. Ok! In that case... No, I won't tell you. Surprises are cool. :)


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