Monday, November 30, 2015

I WON!!!

I WON NaNoWriM0 2015!

I completed my Word Count Goal with 22 words to spare! My novel is almost complete, and I'll probably be finishing it within the next couple of days!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Arrivals:Part Seven: The Finale Act I


~Act I~

Jenna-Grace looked down at her suitcase.Yep, everything was there.

She wiped away a tear. She'd miss them, but she was
going to see Aunt Mia! And live with her!

She looked around the room she shared with Isabelle.
She saw that her bed was messy.

Straightening the covers, she said to herself "JG you've
got yourself a problem.
You're leaving. You can't have second thoughts. No turning back."

She looked at Isabelle's messy bed, and Harriett's  wheelchair.

There was the desk and chalkboard. Same as usual.

The two dogs, Queenie and Brownie jumped up on her 
bed and looked at her sadly. The couldn't understand that she was leaving.
She couldn't  either.

She looked at Lucy's room, with the perfectly made bed.
She'd miss Lucy.

And Lucy's dresser-It was beautiful! So neat and laid out.

She walked into Molly, Harriett, and Sophia's room.

There was TuTu on Molly's bed. And the TV. It looked like 
somebody had been watching McKenna.

And there was Harriett's bed with her cat, Firepaw sitting
by her movie camera.

She looked at the dresser, with all the stuff on it. Most of it was

Sophia's bed was on the bottom bunk. It was pink and purple
with butterflies on it. How... Sophia-ey.

There was the Christmas tree that they had all decorated together.
It was beautiful. Too bad she'd never see presents under it.

Just then, Molly walked in, with the others behind her. 
"We wanted to give you your Christmas present early since 
you'd be.... leaving, today."

Jenna-Grace sat down. For the first time, she noticed a present was
indeed beneath the tree.

She pulled it closer and began to unwrap it.

It was a radio. "Oh wow..."
"We knew that your Aunt Mia didn't have a radio, so we
decided to give you one." Harriett said.

Jenna-Grace felt tears prickle at her eyes. She was about to have to say goodbye.

To Be Continued!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Arrivals: Part Six

Dear Diary, 
     Aunt Mia agreed to let me stay through Thanksgiving. I am happy, but worried. I'm leaving tomorrow. I...I can't leave. I see that now. But I can't let them see how it worries me. I will stay with Aunt Mia. I will! or will I? I don't know what to do. But I've got to make up my mind.


~I've got  24 hours to decide... will I stay or will I hide?
I'm not feelin' fine..... I gotta.....



Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Arrivals: Part Five! PLUS: MyLittleMegara's Photoshoot!

The finale is coming soon!Are you excited? I am!
This all happened on Halloween....

Sophia sat down. "Where is everyone?" She wondered aloud. The girls had 
decided to meet on the hill before they went trick-or-treating.

Suddenly she heard footsteps.

"We're all meeting at the Brick Church instead." Harriett informed Sophia.

"What are you being, anyways?" She asked.
"A princess..." Sophia responded.
"Where's your crown? Did you forget it, just like last year?" "Aw man!" Sophia answered.

They walked to the Brick Church.

"Where are they?!" Harriett cried impatiently.

"Maybe your info was wrong." Sophia said.

Just then, Molly walked up. "Hello, oh Laura Ingalls Wilder and 
crown-less princess! I fell through the rabbit hole, and found myself here!"
Molly called loudly.

"Oh, you must be being Alice in Wonderland!" Harriett said. "Sophia
forgot her crown." "Just like last year?" Molly asked sympathetically.

Then, they saw red cowgirl boots.

"Howdy, ya'll! I'm Isabelle the cowgirl today!" Isabelle said. "I forgot to put my costume together until today..."

They all stared at her for a second.

I think Harriett summed it up when she said, "I think we all put a little
bit more effort into our costumes than you."

Just then, Jenna-Grace and Lucy showed up.
"I'm a mermaid." Lucy said quietly.

"I'm a gypsy." Jenna-Grace said, fluffing her skirt.

Lucy went and stood next to the others, but Jenna-Grace didn't.
"Guys, I have something to tell you."
"My aunt Mia got a job. She wants me to come and live with her. She sent me
plane tickets, and she wants me there by the 21st."

"What?!" Molly cried, and then she blushed, embarrassed.

"I'm... I'm... very happy for you, Jenna-Grace..." Lucy faltered, chocking back tears.

"I... Wow... that's... well, that's wonderful, JG...." Harriett said, forcing a smile.

"I don't want you to go." Sophia whimpered.

Later, alone, Jenna-Grace realized... that she didn't want to go either.

Now, for MLM's photoshoot.

Sorry that it's sideways!

Also, due to time constraints, I will not be doing Quote of the Week for the time being. Until further notice, you can still request photoshoots, but I may not get to them. Thanks for understanding!