Sunday, October 11, 2015


We're back! We had an awesome time in Atlanta!
Molly got her hair done and the body scrub. (that's all I had pictures of!)

Now you're all wondering what I got.
 I'm kidding.
I got several things, but first and foremost...

Grace, GOTY 2015!!! :D

Now, a story.

"Now.. a thing not set in stone.."
We see a girl, singing.

She walks up a winding path on an overcast day.

She's looking for something....
But what?
Even she doesn't know. She thinks she's
looking for a house.
But she's looking for something else. Something deeper.

The sun peeks out from behind the clouds making her bracelet glint in the
sunlight. She looks down at her shadow, still singing.
"We, a thing we never see."

She sees the house and abruptly stops her singing.
She looks briefly uncomfortable, but in a third of a second she is at the door.

She hesitates before she knocks.  Even when she does,
she knocks shyly, almost in a scared manner.

Two girls step out. One is dressed in a pink skirt and a t-shirt, and one
is in a pink riding jacket, boots, and jodhpurs.
"You must be Jenna-Grace, the foster girl!" said the blonde one.

All the shyness we saw is shrugged away, like a shawl we don't care for.
"Hey." she says bluntly. 
Now you're saying, "Wait, is this a Dreamworks movie? Lots of emotion? Or Disney, lots of singing?"
But no. This is a story, like any other.

The brunette hugs her. "Hi Jenna-Grace! I'm Molly! To your new home, you are most indeed welcome!"  she says, stumbling over her words.
Jenna-Grace stands there, awkwardly. "Hi..." she says, putting one arm stiffly around Molly's shoulder.

"Come on in..." says Isabelle, nervously. Why doesn't Jenna-Grace like us?
Is it Molly?
The gardener in the background?
My clothes?!
But Jenna-Grace steps in.

Don't worry, you will hear more about Jenna-Grace very soon.


  1. Congrats!!! So you're renaming her? I LOVE the name Jenna-Grace! There's actually a girl at my church named Jenna-Grace! I'm so happy for you! She is so pretty!

    1. Thanks! Yep, I thought she looked like a Jenna-Grace when i first saw the leaked photos of her. You actually know a Jenna-Grace? Cool! Jenna-Grace says thanks for the compliment. :)

  2. Wow fantastic story! Know you are enjoying Jenna-Grace..
    Anonymous K


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