Friday, October 23, 2015

~Arrivals~ Part 3: JG's Birthday

Told from Jenna-Grace's POV

I'm sitting in the yard, alone.

It's my birthday. I told the girls I didn't want a party or anything. No gifts. Nothing.

Then Isabelle came and sat next to me.

I kinda stared at her.

Then Sophia and Lucy came and stood behind her. They were giggling like...
Deranged My Little Ponies, or something.

Then Harriett came and sat next to me.
"Ok, what's going on?" I asked.
She shut her eyes and giggled.

Then I saw Molly. She was holding something behind her back.
"You didn't think we wouldn't get you anything, did you?"
she asked, laughing.

"Oh, come on Molly. I asked you not to..."

"You'll like this. I promise," She responded.

Then from behind her back...
a guitar.
a guitar.
a guitar.
She handed it to me.

I held it.

I strummed it.

I loved it.
I loved them. 
How could I tell them I was leaving?

(AnonmousA here! I took a few photos... I couldn't resist. and CLIFFHANGER! HA!
I am weird.

So, after I took these photos I said to my mom,
"I can't get another doll. Six is perfect! So for a family photo I can have three in the back and three  in the front. Or, I could just buy two more. Four in back, four in front!"
My mom: "Good grief."

~AnonymousA of Ravenclaw

(I took a sorting hat quiz. 81% Ravenclaw!)

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  1. NOOOO, CLIFFHANGER! LOL! You leave me at the edge of my seat! I hope Jenna-Grace doesn't leave!


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