Sunday, September 27, 2015

~Girl With the Bushy Hair~ and Updates.

I love this picture.

Ugh, weird spot......

Her hair looks gray in these pictures. :(

These pictures really do Molly no justice. She
is a beautiful doll. Though her hair may not be in the best condition,
and she may have several nicks and scratches, I believe that just shows how much 
love she has had.

Updates: My computer, after about four years, has finally given up on life. I'm currently borrowing a computer, so posts may be scarce.
Also: Allison Wonderland has joined my Ever After Highs. Who is Allison Wonderland?

This is Allison Wonderland. You should probably be prepared for a story on her. She is
a renamed Apple White Hat-tastic Tea Party doll.

Quote of the Week coming up! Be prepared!


  1. Great pictures! My Molly was one of my oldest dolls, so she has pretty bad hair too, it's reall frizzy.:/ I can't wait for the post about the Apple White! I love EAH!

    1. Thanks Emma! Molly feels better, knowing she's not the only one.

  2. I just found your blog and your photography is great! Molly is really pretty :) would you mind checking my blog out? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Molly agrees with you. :p
      Of course I'll check your blog out! I love finding more doll fanatics. :)


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