Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An American Girl Pool Party!

The day dawned sunny and clear, a day to remember.

We enter on five girls in a pool in the middle of September. I know, they're crazy. 
A dark brown head, a light brown head, a red head, a gold head, and a blonde head.

We see Molly splashing her poor sister Isabelle. Quit  making trouble, Molly!

What are Molly and Harriett whispering about?
"Gasp! Don't get the camera-"



They seem to have drenched Sophia and their cousin, Jewel.

I'm back with a dryer camera!

Are they kicking and splashing?
Well duh.



(giggles and shrieks)
This is the party that never ends... yes it goes on and on my friends...
(Molly is enjoying herself)

"Present time!"

"Yes! I can't wait!"

"Wow! Shiny! It's from Grandma K!"

"Oh wow! Thanks Aunt Josephine!"

"SHIRTS?! Yes!!!"

"Oh it's a sweet little baby!"

"It's a perfect fit!"
"Thanks for the baby, Mama!"

(Yes, these are out of order.)


"An envelope!"


"A doll? Oh yay!"


"The Dollville Modeling Agency wants you! Harriett,
 please come prepared for a modeling shoot September
30th! Signed, L. Axelle!"

 'A... KITTEN?!?! YAYYYY!"

(His name is Firepaw. Warrior Cats Rule!)
Yeah... presents.,.. FAMILY PHOTO!



  1. CutePolarBear9/24/15, 9:33 AM

    At first I thought it was real water! Then realized what it was. But it looks really cool!
    They're not too crazy. I'm still swimming in our pool. Okay, maybe they're crazy and I'm crazy, too. ;)


    1. No, my dolls are definitely crazy! :P They're crazy, because I'm crazy.

  2. Those are great! Looks like a fantastic party and that all the girls had a good time.
    Anonymous K

    1. Thanks Anonymous K! Isabelle's birthday is soon..... :D She can't decide what she'll do. She bets it will top even this!


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