Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Harriett has strep throat and her modeling shoot has been postponed until she feels better!
Sadly, the next few weeks are out because I will be busy. Yet Harriett shall model ASAP!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Quote of the Week

Here is the first ever Quote of the Week!

Remember, this is honor system. Please don't use a search engine to find the source. If you do, Molly will cry, which will cause her to have silver-eye. Please keep that in mind.
The winner gets to request a themed photo shoot!

Here it is: "There are the trees," said the Beaver. "They're always listening."

You have until Sunday, October 4th. May the best guesser win!

~Girl With the Bushy Hair~ and Updates.

I love this picture.

Ugh, weird spot......

Her hair looks gray in these pictures. :(

These pictures really do Molly no justice. She
is a beautiful doll. Though her hair may not be in the best condition,
and she may have several nicks and scratches, I believe that just shows how much 
love she has had.

Updates: My computer, after about four years, has finally given up on life. I'm currently borrowing a computer, so posts may be scarce.
Also: Allison Wonderland has joined my Ever After Highs. Who is Allison Wonderland?

This is Allison Wonderland. You should probably be prepared for a story on her. She is
a renamed Apple White Hat-tastic Tea Party doll.

Quote of the Week coming up! Be prepared!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Giveaway @ Delightful World of Dolls!

The lovely dolls over at are having a giveaway!  Yes! It's exciting! Eek!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An American Girl Pool Party!

The day dawned sunny and clear, a day to remember.

We enter on five girls in a pool in the middle of September. I know, they're crazy. 
A dark brown head, a light brown head, a red head, a gold head, and a blonde head.

We see Molly splashing her poor sister Isabelle. Quit  making trouble, Molly!

What are Molly and Harriett whispering about?
"Gasp! Don't get the camera-"



They seem to have drenched Sophia and their cousin, Jewel.

I'm back with a dryer camera!

Are they kicking and splashing?
Well duh.



(giggles and shrieks)
This is the party that never ends... yes it goes on and on my friends...
(Molly is enjoying herself)

"Present time!"

"Yes! I can't wait!"

"Wow! Shiny! It's from Grandma K!"

"Oh wow! Thanks Aunt Josephine!"

"SHIRTS?! Yes!!!"

"Oh it's a sweet little baby!"

"It's a perfect fit!"
"Thanks for the baby, Mama!"

(Yes, these are out of order.)


"An envelope!"


"A doll? Oh yay!"


"The Dollville Modeling Agency wants you! Harriett,
 please come prepared for a modeling shoot September
30th! Signed, L. Axelle!"

 'A... KITTEN?!?! YAYYYY!"

(His name is Firepaw. Warrior Cats Rule!)
Yeah... presents.,.. FAMILY PHOTO!