Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lucy's Camp Notebook 01- My New Sisters!

Dear Diary,
            Today I met my sisters! I met Molly, who's eleven, Sophia, who's my age, Harriett, who is twelve, and Isabelle who's ten. It appears that being born in January, I am younger than Sophia. Harriett had to leave Camp EARLY! She fell off the rock wall and broke her leg! We all left camp for the day to see her in the hospital. She's doing fine, but won't be able to return to camp. Even though I just met her, I really miss her! I did however make a new friend- Spring Fawn. She's of Native American descent, and she's living with her aunt. We're bunk-mates! It's Ocean Week, and I've enjoyed learning about the fish in the lake. I especially liked learning about the turtles! I've gotta go- it's lunch time!
                           ~Lucille Riven-Delle

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