Wednesday, August 12, 2015

~Frosted Bangs and Updates~

First things first, I entered a few photos in the county fair, and they called today and said I won "Most Creative"! They didn't say for which photo, but Cupid says "How could it not be the one of me?" and I'm singing with a friend in the talent show, so please be praying for us.:)

Without further ado.... CUPID!

This is the one I entered in the fair. :p

I'm sorry it was so short, but I've been taking lots of photos lately so there are more on the way. 
NOTICE: Sophia and Harriett are having a joint birthday pool party sometime this month. Harriett's leg has not been fixed, but hopefully she will be 'cured' by the party!
And due to the start of school, posting may be only on weekends for a little while.
Later Alligators!

Edit: I won several second place ribbons, one best in show, a few third place, a couple of blues, and a creativity award. And after a rough practice, my friend and I finished our performance strong. Even though we didn't win, our friend did, and we couldn't be happier!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


So for National Doll Day I thought I'd go through the millions of doll photos on my computer and memorialize a few special moments in my doll's lives.

This was a "Fall-themed" photo from a photoshoot that never got posted...

This is from when I was making a Shutterfly photobook about Isabelle!

The time it snowed... 

Cupid felt snow for the first time EVER!

Molly braved the possibility of silver-eye to take this photo!

Blondie was being a model....

Molly and Molly-Gracen....


Lucille Riven-Delle!

I am so thankful for my dolls, my blog, and the doll blogging community!

Harriett's Leg... An Explanation

Hey guys! It's AnonymousA. So yeah, Harriett broke her leg. Literally, It fell off. The wire that held her leg in place snapped and her leg fell off. Luckily, my dad has fixed broken doll legs before, and Harriett and I know that her leg will be fixed. So, I hope that clears things up a bit! The next episode of ~Lost~ is being postponed until Harriett's leg "heals". Sorry guys!
                                            - AnonymousA

Edit: Here's a picture:Displaying photo.JPG

Harriett's Camp Journal 02- Hospital Blues

Dear Diary,
             Ya see, we'd just met our new sister, Lucille Riven-Delle, (BTW, She's pretty cool!) and split up for our activities. I had rock wall, And in case you hadn't heard, I fell off and broke my leg. I won't be able to go back to camp, which stinks. What am I going to do? I've already watched The Borrowers and Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with Mama. I've listened to audiobooks. I'VE PLAYED MORE MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION THAN I EVER EXPECTED TO MY WHOLE LIFE! I will never fall off of a rock wall again. Ever.

Isabelle's Camp Journal 02- Revenge on Rock Walls

Dear Diary,
              Soon after meeting my new sister, Lucille Riven-Delle, I learned that Harriett had fallen off the rock wall and broken her leg. I wrote this poem about it:
                                                                  Rock Wall Revenge
                                   Oh Rock Wall, Oh Rock Wall, how could you do this to me?
Oh Rock Wall, Oh Rock Wall, how can you not see?
My sister has been wronged by you-
You hurt her! What did she do?
Her leg has been wounded! Her heart has been broken!
Her sisters declare revenge!
Oh Rock Wall, Oh Rock Wall, now you see,
Why we declare war, my sisters and me.
It's lunch time now- bye!

Molly's Camp Journal 07- Of Legs

Dear Diary,
          HARRIETT FELL OFF THE ROCK WALL AND BROKE HER LEG! We had just met our new sister, Lucille Riven-Delle, and then we split up for our next activities. Last night Counselor Kitty called us to the Director's office- Harriett had fallen off the rock wall and broken her leg! We rushed to the hospital to see her, and were all relieved to hear that she was ok. Phew. I think I've had enough surprises to last me a year!

Sophia's Day Camp Diary 02- HARRIETT!

Dear Diary,
           I met my new sister, Lucille Riven-Delle! But I didn't even really get to talk to her before Harriett fell off the rock wall and broke her leg! We went home yesterday to see her. She's missing the rest of Camp! I miss her so much. :( Mama says that she'll be as good as new soon, but when is soon? I want her better right now! It's lunch time now- bye!

Lucy's Camp Notebook 01- My New Sisters!

Dear Diary,
            Today I met my sisters! I met Molly, who's eleven, Sophia, who's my age, Harriett, who is twelve, and Isabelle who's ten. It appears that being born in January, I am younger than Sophia. Harriett had to leave Camp EARLY! She fell off the rock wall and broke her leg! We all left camp for the day to see her in the hospital. She's doing fine, but won't be able to return to camp. Even though I just met her, I really miss her! I did however make a new friend- Spring Fawn. She's of Native American descent, and she's living with her aunt. We're bunk-mates! It's Ocean Week, and I've enjoyed learning about the fish in the lake. I especially liked learning about the turtles! I've gotta go- it's lunch time!
                           ~Lucille Riven-Delle