Tuesday, July 21, 2015

~Lost~ Episode 1

Today they shuttled me out of the city, and left me in the Wilderness. My name is Auda, and I have been banished. I am an Outcast now, an Outcast in my own country.

"I must find somewhere to stay for the night..." I say to myself, looking around.

"There is nowhere in sight..."

But then I remembered the other Outcast children. The ones who I watched leave. The ones announced in the city news. The ones my father turned in. I shudder. I will find them somehow. 
I'll find where they have found lodging.
"But what if they haven't? What if they have died?"

I can't let myself think that. I won't. How could I? If I lose hope, I'll become like Queen Victorius. If I became like her, hopeless, alone..... I would be a failure to my mother. And my father, traitor he was."It will be fine." It has to be.

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