Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas in July!

Molly and I just wanted to say, Merry Christmas in July!
Have a great rest of the day!
                             ~ AnonymousA

Friday, July 24, 2015

~Moss~ A Photoshoot

Lucille Riven-Delle and I went out for a proper photoshoot today, and we chose a mossy oak for a backdrop. Lucille Riven-Delle thoroughly enjoyed it, and we hope you do too!

It is very cloudy outside...

I REALLY like how this one came out.!

Can you find the roly-poly?

I just really wanted to take a picture of the tree...

See you tomorrow- With a surprise!!
                                                          ~ AnonymousA

Thursday, July 23, 2015

~Lucille Riven-Delle~

Lucille Riven-Delle got a VERY short photoshoot today... But I figured it was better than no photoshoot at all! She will be going to camp NEXT WEEK so be sure to check back for that!

Without further ado...

              LUCILLE RIVEN-DELLE!!!!!!

Our beautiful girl!

(She's missing a button, but she doesn't mind.)

Well... That WAS very short! I'll probably take more photos tomorrow though!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Isabelle's Camp Journal 01-I LOVE UNICORNS!

Dear Journal,                                                              
I hate all sports except soccer. I do however 
like unicorns. In fact, I LOVE UNICORNS! 
It is sports week, and my soccer team is called the SPACE UNICORNS! 
Mama sent me a letter saying that we have a new sister. I can't wait to meet her! 
Gotta go- It's snack time! See ya later!

~Lost~ Episode 1

Today they shuttled me out of the city, and left me in the Wilderness. My name is Auda, and I have been banished. I am an Outcast now, an Outcast in my own country.

"I must find somewhere to stay for the night..." I say to myself, looking around.

"There is nowhere in sight..."

But then I remembered the other Outcast children. The ones who I watched leave. The ones announced in the city news. The ones my father turned in. I shudder. I will find them somehow. 
I'll find where they have found lodging.
"But what if they haven't? What if they have died?"

I can't let myself think that. I won't. How could I? If I lose hope, I'll become like Queen Victorius. If I became like her, hopeless, alone..... I would be a failure to my mother. And my father, traitor he was."It will be fine." It has to be.

~Lost~ Prologue

LOST- A Happy Days With AnonymousA ORIGINAL STORY!
                                                               Episode 1- Prologue
    It's all my fault. If I had stopped Mother, she wouldn't be in jail. I wouldn't have been banished as more punishment for Mother. I'd be fine. I have to get back into the city. I MUST! No matter what her Majesty, Queen Victorius says, I will return. I will return with the other outcasts. As an army. To attack the City of Shining Lights. We will be free, or we will be NOTHING.

That's right, Molly is starring in a story of mine! I'm sorry I haven't been online lately. The next part of the story is coming soon! May the Narwhals light your path!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Molly's New Sister

'Tis I, AnonymousA. I talked to Molly on the phone last night, and the Camp Director and I convinced her to stay. Today my cousin brought me a china doll as a gift, and I knew I had to adopt her. Her name is Lucille "Lucy" Riven-Delle. (Name credit goes to Jaclynn.) I will post pictures of her soon!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Molly's Camp Journal 06- I Wanna Go Home!

Dear Diary,
        Camp-out night is the worst night of the year! I hate hate hate it! I wanna go home! I am going home! I will never ever ever ever go camping again! First I dropped my marshmallow, and then this girl named June LAUGHED at me. She said I looked idiotic standing there with my marshmallow on the ground. And then ya know what she said? She said that if I'd put it in my big mouth it wouldn't have been lying in the dirt! And then when our counselors told us we'd be in the same tent she smiled so sweetly and said " I just LOOOVVVEEE Molly!" And then she STOLE MY PILLOW! I'm gonna tell the Camp Director tomorrow that I'm leaving for good!