Friday, June 19, 2015

Sophia's Day Camp Diary 01- Sadness. (Plus:Late World Doll Day Tag!)

Dear Diary,
     I'm not a good speller, so bear with me. Mama is going to summer camp next week, so I will be going to Camp Everlasting overnight camp instead. I'll miss Mama, but I'll have fun too! I'm so glad to go! Oh, and Briar and another EAH are going with Mama, so you can probably wait for photos of that in a week!Got too go now- bye diary!

AnonymousA here! That's right, I'm going off to camp in a few days-wish me luck! And I've been tagged! It's late, but here we go!

My favorite dolls from this year

1. Ever After High Kitty Cheshire

My Grandmother gave me this little bundle of awesomeness for 
my birthday, and I love her to death!

2. Cindy!

I felt so pleased when my sister presented me with Cindy! I'd been eyeing 
Cinderella for a long time!

3. Ever After High Cerise Hood
I loved Cerise since one of my friends got her and showed her to me-How could anyone resist?

       This has been a great year for my smaller doll collection, as you can see!

And it was hard to choose just three....
 1. Grace Thomas GOTY 2015!
     I love Grace so much, I just WOW!

2. #33
      I am so glad that she's still available!

3. Duchess Swan Ever  After High
   I really like Duchess, and it's likely I'll be getting her soon!

I'm tagging 
and any four people who want to be tagged. If you want this tag, COMMENT NOW! I SAID NOW!

Peace, Dolls, Unicorns and Ice cream! See you after Camp! YAY!

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  1. I loved reading your answers. :) Have fun at camp!


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