Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Molly's Camp Journal 02-Firefly Cabin

Dear Diary,
           Today at Flag, we said our brand-new cabin cheer! It goes like this:
                                   Look out Butterfly-
                                    Fireflies go thrice as high!
                                  Look out pretty lady bugs-
                                      Fireflies give better hugs!
                                  Look out other cabin cheers-
                                      Ours is the best this year!
                                   Look at Harry Potter go-
                                       We're gonna make you guys say woah!

Isn't it COOL?! Then we went to breakfast. It was... quiche! Quiche is like, a little bit of every breakfast food mashed up in a pie tin. Mmm. I savored the flavor, ignoring all sounds. That was impressive, seeing as there were like, a bazillion people talking at once. And all the smells.... Very distracting. I felt a little homesick right then. At home we have a quiet breakfast, with a little whispered conversation. Mama believes that morning is a special quiet time. Then I heard a loud announcement jolting me out of my bittersweet thoughts. It was time for us to go to our first activities. I ran to newspaper with Isabelle right behind me. It was pretty fun! My first assignment was to write about myself. Easy! I was done in 1 minute, tops.  What did I write? I'll tell you at the end of the week. We rushed through our activities, and now it's time for Cabin Curfew again- Last night's story was the Creation, and tonight's is the Fall of Man. Uh oh, I'm running out of time! See you later alligator!

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  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time at camp, Molly!
    P.S. Please tell your mom that I think her blog is really groovy! LOL! :-D


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