Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Harriett's Camp Journal 01-What's a Journal?

Dear Diary,
        I saw Molly writing in this tiny book thing, and I asked her what she was doing. She showed me what she was writing and said it was her 'camp journal'. She suggested that I start one. She gave me this little purple notebook, and here I am. I feel so weird. Like I'm talking to a book. Weird.  Wait, I am talking to a book. Oh brother. Molly brainwashed me. I'm enjoying camp, but I miss my hairdryer. My hair is soooo frizzy! Ew ew ew! And one minute baths? Gross. I had a little time to paint my nails tonight. I have art as my first activity. I can't wait to show Counselor Apple and Counselor Cedar. (They teach art.) Anyways, The Fall of Man was really interesting. My new friend, Amy, said "Is man hurt?!" She's like, sooo funny! Yawn. Lights out now. Write to you later, my weird book-journal-thing.

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