Friday, June 19, 2015

Awesome Hairstyle!

This is random, but I did this hairstyle on Holly, and I thought it was cute!
Here's how to do it:
Braid one small section of your doll's hair on one side, then near the top of her head on the other side make a teeny-weeny braid! Finish that braid halfway down. Pull the larger braid and the rest of your doll's hair into a ponytail, and use the mini braid as a ponytail holder. Pull the very end of it under the first loop, and VIOLA! You have the Braided Beauty style!

Sophia's Day Camp Diary 01- Sadness. (Plus:Late World Doll Day Tag!)

Dear Diary,
     I'm not a good speller, so bear with me. Mama is going to summer camp next week, so I will be going to Camp Everlasting overnight camp instead. I'll miss Mama, but I'll have fun too! I'm so glad to go! Oh, and Briar and another EAH are going with Mama, so you can probably wait for photos of that in a week!Got too go now- bye diary!

AnonymousA here! That's right, I'm going off to camp in a few days-wish me luck! And I've been tagged! It's late, but here we go!

My favorite dolls from this year

1. Ever After High Kitty Cheshire

My Grandmother gave me this little bundle of awesomeness for 
my birthday, and I love her to death!

2. Cindy!

I felt so pleased when my sister presented me with Cindy! I'd been eyeing 
Cinderella for a long time!

3. Ever After High Cerise Hood
I loved Cerise since one of my friends got her and showed her to me-How could anyone resist?

       This has been a great year for my smaller doll collection, as you can see!

And it was hard to choose just three....
 1. Grace Thomas GOTY 2015!
     I love Grace so much, I just WOW!

2. #33
      I am so glad that she's still available!

3. Duchess Swan Ever  After High
   I really like Duchess, and it's likely I'll be getting her soon!

I'm tagging 
and any four people who want to be tagged. If you want this tag, COMMENT NOW! I SAID NOW!

Peace, Dolls, Unicorns and Ice cream! See you after Camp! YAY!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Molly's Camp Journal 05- Newspaper!

Dear Diary,
        Here's the newspaper! That's right, a new week has begun! I visited Mom Sunday evening, and then I came back to camp yesterday morning. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed... but I'm glad to be back! This is my 'All About Me!' Article:

Molly McIntire

I am an 11-year-old girl who enjoys writing,
reading, and dancing. I have a cat named 
TuTu and a horse named Midnight. This
is my second year at Camp, and I am so
excited for this summer!

It's very short, but we all wrote short things. Oh, and the next task was announced: a triathlon. Samantha, McKenzie, and Sarah where chosen for that task. I can't wait to cheer them on! Gotta go!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Molly's Camp Journal 04-The First Task

Dear Diary,
               Guess what?! The first task was a Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings FACEOFF!
Guess who was chosen as the Harry Potter Representative for my cabin? That's right, ME! MWHA HA HA! Harriett was LoTR Representative. And our darling Isabelle hooked us up with some themed outfits- I GOT A T-SHIRT THAT SAYS DON'T LET THE MUGGLES GET YOU DOWN! 
Guess who won the face-off?

ME! YES! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER! YAY! I got a Harry Potter trunk. -sniff- It's so beautiful. I might cry. It's silver. I'm gonna cry. -sniff- 

Oh and I got a letter from Mama. Apparently it's been raining at home, and she's been amusing herself by rewatching Harry Potter (ha!) and listening to 'Someone Like You' by Adele over and over again. Oh My Unicorn. Because everyone needs to listen to the same song OVER and OVER again. And memorize it. While watching Harry Potter. 


The next task is being announced tomorrow. Oh, and Sophia is going down to the camp store to buy a notebook- you might end up reading her journal too.  Later!
                                                                                                 - Molly

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Molly's Camp Journal 03-Eternal Awesomeness

Dear Diary,
       It's good I'm staying multiple weeks, because this week kicks off the Camp Games!All the campers have different tasks each week, and the winner gets eternal glory and awesomeness forevermore by having a plaque erected in their honor upon the wall of.... erm the hall leading to the bathroom. But still, eternal glory and awesomeness! Whoo-hoo!And as I'm staying multiple weeks, well.... I just have that more of a chance of winning!They are going to announce the first task today at Flag, so I'd better hurry!

Look out other cabins-
Fireflies are what's happenin'!
Look out other campers-
Fireflies are gonna WIN!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Harriett's Camp Journal 01-What's a Journal?

Dear Diary,
        I saw Molly writing in this tiny book thing, and I asked her what she was doing. She showed me what she was writing and said it was her 'camp journal'. She suggested that I start one. She gave me this little purple notebook, and here I am. I feel so weird. Like I'm talking to a book. Weird.  Wait, I am talking to a book. Oh brother. Molly brainwashed me. I'm enjoying camp, but I miss my hairdryer. My hair is soooo frizzy! Ew ew ew! And one minute baths? Gross. I had a little time to paint my nails tonight. I have art as my first activity. I can't wait to show Counselor Apple and Counselor Cedar. (They teach art.) Anyways, The Fall of Man was really interesting. My new friend, Amy, said "Is man hurt?!" She's like, sooo funny! Yawn. Lights out now. Write to you later, my weird book-journal-thing.

Molly's Camp Journal 02-Firefly Cabin

Dear Diary,
           Today at Flag, we said our brand-new cabin cheer! It goes like this:
                                   Look out Butterfly-
                                    Fireflies go thrice as high!
                                  Look out pretty lady bugs-
                                      Fireflies give better hugs!
                                  Look out other cabin cheers-
                                      Ours is the best this year!
                                   Look at Harry Potter go-
                                       We're gonna make you guys say woah!

Isn't it COOL?! Then we went to breakfast. It was... quiche! Quiche is like, a little bit of every breakfast food mashed up in a pie tin. Mmm. I savored the flavor, ignoring all sounds. That was impressive, seeing as there were like, a bazillion people talking at once. And all the smells.... Very distracting. I felt a little homesick right then. At home we have a quiet breakfast, with a little whispered conversation. Mama believes that morning is a special quiet time. Then I heard a loud announcement jolting me out of my bittersweet thoughts. It was time for us to go to our first activities. I ran to newspaper with Isabelle right behind me. It was pretty fun! My first assignment was to write about myself. Easy! I was done in 1 minute, tops.  What did I write? I'll tell you at the end of the week. We rushed through our activities, and now it's time for Cabin Curfew again- Last night's story was the Creation, and tonight's is the Fall of Man. Uh oh, I'm running out of time! See you later alligator!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Molly's Camp Journal 01- First Day

Dear Diary,

     Camp Doll Diaries is so much fun! I'm in the same cabin as Isabelle and Harriett, and my new friend Jayden is so much fun! The theme for this week is 70's, and I couldn't be happier! I love all the tie-dye and peace signs! My cabin, Firefly Cabin, is all decked out in peace signs, and my counselors, Cerise and Cedar keep saying "Groovy!" This week is going to be so much fun! My activities are horse riding, newspaper, canoeing, crafts, and a few other things I forgot. I'm going to be really busy this summer. Uh-oh, Cabin Curfew time- That means Cerise called us to read a Bible story around the campfire before bed! I better go now-the penalty for missing Cabin Curfew is kitchen duty for the next two days. (Shudder!)  See you later!