Saturday, May 23, 2015


Hiya guys! Sorry it's been forever, I let time get away from me! I've got lots more posts planned though! Enough excuses! ONTO THE POST!

Guess who my lovely grandmother gave me for my birthday?

"Hiya! I'm Kitty!"

 That's right, Kitty Cheshire!  Kitty is simply adorable, and she loves sitting in our pecan tree, hanging upside down, texting, any type of chocolate, iced tea, and of course... cats. She's been trying to pick out an lps cat to adopt for her own, but wants them all! She doesn't see how you could just pick one cat, and not all 55. Handing it over to Kitty now!

"Hiya! The name's Kitty! Like me on FaceBook-" Kitty, you aren't on FaceBook... "Oh uh... look! A unicorn! Hee hee! Guess what internet friends? (We are friends, right? Of course we are!) I love love love cats! And Kit-Kat chocolate! And exclamation points! And PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I made friends with Briar, Lizzie, and Maddie already! Why is it already and not all-ready? Strange. I can speak Riddlish! Best dialect/language/riddles around! Uh Oh AnonymousA has that look again... I've gotta stop talking... Cheerio!" 

What look is she talking about? Strange.  I haven't got a look... do I?  (You do!) Kitty is very talkative, and already says she wants to blog all the time. Lynn explained that we all have to take turns, and she looked pouty. I'm sure it has nothing to do with Lynn waking up and finding toothpaste in her shoes... Right? I hope not.... Kitty has an evil grin on her face.. uh oh. I better go check my shoes! Cheerio!

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