Monday, May 25, 2015

Cindy's Sentiments 01- Introducing Cindy!

Yes, I'm back! Another post already? I surprised myself! Maybe it's because I have a new addition to our blogging crew-Cinderella, AKA Cindy!

Cindy was a gift to me from my sister. We really don't know much about her, other than the fact that she's a Disney's Cinderella fashion doll made by Mattel, and that she has a  molded on swimsuit which I personally think is gorgeous. She would like to do her first official post now- so without further ado... Cindy!

Hi, I'm Cindy. I lived in a box with a bunch of Barbies until just recently- But then I was given to AnonymousA, and my whole life changed. I live in an apartment underneath the Ever After Highs now, and sometimes I feel like the 18-inchers across the room are staring at me- a bit uncomfortable really.  AnonymousA is already looking into purchasing a Kristoff doll, a Merida doll, and possibly a Snow White doll, and I couldn't be happier!  I think I'd feel less uncomfortable if there were more Disney dolls in here! I mean, the Ever After Highs are nice, but we have entirely different cultures- it's like we're from whole other countries! Yesterday I found out about the blogging community of 12" Disney Fashion dolls, and already my favorites are Anna, Belle, and Meg. I'll be joining them by blogging here, as Cindy's Sentiments. This is officially my first post, so I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself!

 I may not be the prettiest Disney doll, or the most expensive, but I do have a lot in common with my Disney Store counterpart, such as the fact that when I feel strong emotion, I can;t help but sing! My favorite song is probably 'Let It Go'. I'm not a very impressive singer, and I sound nothing like my character, although I truly try! I'm afraid of singing in front of people, heights, and wearing shoes. I have never worn a pair of shoes in my life! I'm a pretty strong swimmer, and I go swimming about once a week. I've gotta go now- See you later!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to blog again soon!


  1. Hi, Cindy! We are so happy to welcome you to the Disney doll blogging community! There's one slight detail you might want to correct, though... Meg is the only 12 inch blogger in our family. Anna's actually a 16 inch doll!! The limited edition dolls are taller. Anyway, we're super excited to hear more from you!

    MyLittleMegara, Meg, and Anna

  2. And thank you very much for the shout out!!


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