Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This is Isabelle.

And this is Isabelle.
Maybe our smiles hide more than any human can tell.

Are we all clones of the same doll?
Or in fact so different, we are not the same doll at all?

Am I toy that someone could just remake?
Or an original special doll that cannot be replaced?

Am I an unoriginal stereotypical fake?
Or am I a favorite, a treasured keepsake?

With every breath I take,
With every thing I do,
I want to prove to you,
That no Isabelle is just a mistake.

I may be a doll,
I may be very small,

But a doll's heart isn't so small after all.

We are full of light!
Through thick and thin!
Good times and bad!
Struggles and strife!
 We'll be your best friend for life!

Even though we're only eighteen inches tall,

Maybe we aren't so small after all.

Isabelle was looking thoughtful today, so I took her outside and asked what was bothering her. Lo and behold, she started speaking in poetry! Isabelle has discovered that her talent is writing poetry and speaking in verse. I asked her to find a rhyme for 'orange', and so far she has come up with 'low range' and 'Stonehenge'. LOL!

Until next time,


  1. Wow! Very insightful that there is more to life and a person that what we see.
    Deep but humorous! AnonymousK

  2. oops! and I should have said and more to a doll than what we see..... lol
    Anonymous K

  3. CutePolarBear4/16/15, 10:25 AM

    Great poetry! I'm sure it's something that all dolls wonder.. :P


  4. That is amazing! Isabelle is beautiful as always, and wow the hidden talent of poetry! Beautiful :-)

    By the way, AA, You have been nominated for the Darling Doll Blog Award! Click here and scroll down until you find it. :-)

  5. You've been TAGGED! :D

  6. Beautiful poetry!


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