Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This is Isabelle.

And this is Isabelle.
Maybe our smiles hide more than any human can tell.

Are we all clones of the same doll?
Or in fact so different, we are not the same doll at all?

Am I toy that someone could just remake?
Or an original special doll that cannot be replaced?

Am I an unoriginal stereotypical fake?
Or am I a favorite, a treasured keepsake?

With every breath I take,
With every thing I do,
I want to prove to you,
That no Isabelle is just a mistake.

I may be a doll,
I may be very small,

But a doll's heart isn't so small after all.

We are full of light!
Through thick and thin!
Good times and bad!
Struggles and strife!
 We'll be your best friend for life!

Even though we're only eighteen inches tall,

Maybe we aren't so small after all.

Isabelle was looking thoughtful today, so I took her outside and asked what was bothering her. Lo and behold, she started speaking in poetry! Isabelle has discovered that her talent is writing poetry and speaking in verse. I asked her to find a rhyme for 'orange', and so far she has come up with 'low range' and 'Stonehenge'. LOL!

Until next time,

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey peepies! It's me, Sophia the AMAZING!
We had an Easter Egg Hunt!

I spy an egg by Isabelle....tee hee!
Mom instructed us of the rules, and then...

Isabelle here! Stole the computer from Sophia! I immediately found a pretty green egg! 
We had all been counting eggs, making piles, counting more. Mom had told us that the winner got to go with her to the AG store and bring one more friend along. That was when....

HARRIETT THE COOL HERE! My turn! That was when we found out that Molly had a competitive streak.... a SERIOUS competitive streak...

Molly the Queen of Random Fandoms here! Guess Wha-at? I threw myself on the ground in slow motion like in a sci-fi movie screaming "My......eeeeeegggggsssssss!" I grabbed lots and lots of eggs!

The golden egg of power! I knew that if I got it, I'd win!

Uh-oh! Sophia saw it also! We lunged for it at the same time... (I spy Mom's knee... Oops!)

Who would win?


"I'll get it next time Molly McIntire... Just you wait! MWAH HA HA!" Sophia said evilly, eyeing my prize.

AnonymousA here! After tallying up the results, Molly was the winner with Isabelle in second place. Harriett and Sophia tied for third, meaning everyone got a prize. Molly of course, gets to go to the AG store with me when we make that fabled trip of delight and over-spending. Thank you for reading, and we will post again soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Molly's Birthday!

Finally! Sorry it's so very very late! I apologize for the long wait between posts!
And now, presenting..... Molly's Birthday!

Hey ya'll! 'Tis I, Molly Grace McIntire Anonymous The First, welcoming you to this grand, amazing, spectacular event of pandemonium that shall most certainly make your knees birthday party!
When everyone was on Grandma's porch, Mom instructed us to play something.

So of course we played a chaotic game of Tag, which I won, using the strategy I learned from the elves by watching Lord of the Rings; I pretended to shoot my sisters with a bow, and then I tagged them. Ok, maybe not exactly like the elves...But I still won!

Then Mom handed me a big stack of presents which I proceeded to open in an orderly fashion.

Sophia gave me a compass! Now I can finally escape to Hogwarts.....(Isabelle just read over my shoulder and demanded to come too.... Fine. :P)

Isn't it just too cool?!

Isabelle gave me a book! I already had it, but it's my favorite!

I immediately began reading it, oblivious to the fact that my poor, not-bookworm sisters were rolling their eyes at me. And apparently yelling, but I didn't hear them.

Finally Harriett screamed "Molly Grace SNAP OUT OF IT!!!"
Upon hearing that Mom promptly confiscated the book until after the party.

Harriett gave me an awesome smiley face notebook!
I informed her that I would only use it for the good of all Jedi and she looked at me kind of funny.

Then I opened something AMAZING!

A doll from Mom! I named her Hannah.
And then the best of all...

AN IPHONE! My sisters were all really shocked and excited. Harriett instantly made me download My Horse so that we could friend connect.

IT'S SO COOL! Mom's letting me pick out a new case later!

(This is AnonymousA. This is where I asked them if they wanted cake and Molly informed me that she, Molly Grace McIntire Anoynmous I, would on no uncertain terms have a slice of both layers of the cake.)

Then all my sisters sang Happy Birthday to me!

Then I  blew out the candles! In one breath, mind you! ONE Breath!
(Note from AnonymousA: Looks like Mom ran out of candles.. oops. :P)

Now the time has come for The End, so I must go back to my boring offline lives! Goodbye virtual people staring at the screen! Au revior!
The End