Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Valentine's Day Party of Awesomeness! (A Tale of Chips, Jealousy, and Fashion.)

Hello everyone! It's me, Harriett the awesome! I had the  GREATEST Valentine's party today! I had invited my sisters, and had specifically put on the invitations, 'formal attire'. I wondered how my sisters had taken that... Suddenly I heard a knock on the human door.

I shoved the door open, and saw that Sophia was standing there. I saw that she had fit the formal attire thing perfectly, in a pink party dress, pearl necklace, and pink flats. We climbed onto the human table, and were about to start the music, when suddenly....

...Isabelle jumped up on the table like a crazy person!
"Isabelle, what ARE you doing? No, wait, better yet, what are you WEARING?!"

Suddenly, she spun me around and pulled my hair back in a ponytail. "Well, I'm wearing a tutu skirt, black Mary Janes, my meet outfit top, finger-less gloves, and my hair in a half-up." She stated matter-of-factly, as she fixed my hair. "Um ok...."

Suddenly, Sophia ran up crying! "I can't find Molly!" she cried, hugging Isabelle.

They both looked at me. "Where IS Molly, Harriett?" asked Isabelle.
"Who knows?" I replied, as I climbed down to go in search of her.

I saw her staring at some boxes, with her mouth hanging open.

I scrambled up. "Molly what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Holy Taco!" (Special shout-out to Madi!)

"That's a lot of chips!"

"Yes Molly, that's a lot of chips but we have a party to get to."

"Oh." She said, putting her hands down.

"Will there be chips there?" She asked hopefully. "Uh... no."

When we got back, We started the party! Molly and Sophia started playing on the phone we 
stole borrowed from Mom, while Izzy and I looked at the stolen  borrowed magazine.

"Look, there's Grace!"  I said, pointing at the picture. Isabelle muttered something
that sounded like 'Show-off', and the she walked over towards Molly, who had just
handed Sophia the phone.

"Hey Molly, you look kinda sad. What's the matter?" Isabelle asked.

"My birthday is tomorrow, the 15th. You and Harriett haven't been here long enough to know."

"I'm so, so, sorry Molly! I should have known!" Isabelle exclaimed.

"Why didn't you say anything?" 

"It doesn't really matter." 

"Of course it does! Don't worry, we're gonna throw you the biggest, baddest, most spectacular birthday party EVER!" Isabelle promised.

This is where the party ended, because I found them with the "borrowed" iPhone and magazine! LOL! 
yes, you read it right, tomorrow is Molly's birthday!! And, in case anyone was wondering, no, she's not turning twelve. If I kept making them older and older, then one day they would be all grown up! And then I'd be sad. :p So come back soon for Molly's Birthday!
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Great story! Happy Valentine's Day. Love, AnonymousK

  2. Happy Birthday Molly!

    1. Molly: thank you AnonymousK! I can't wait until my party! I asked for a mini doll house! I hope I get it!

  3. Happy Birthday Molly! I hope you have an awesome birthday!!

  4. That was super cute! Harriet looks adorable as well as everybody else!:) Happy almost Birthday, Molly!:)

  5. Have you still not received your charm?

    1. Not yet. I didn't include the zip code in the address I gave you. Sorry!

    2. I used the USPS website's zip code finder thingy- ugh. If you don't have it by the end of the month, I'm sending you another.

  6. Okay, February is officially over and you still haven't gotten your charm. Please send me your address again- with zip code, this time- and I'll send you a new one. I think the issue was your lack of zip code mixed with the fact that I didn't put a return address label on it. SO sorry about this whole mess!! :(

    1. It's totally fine! I'll send it ASAP.

    2. Thanks- I have your charm picked out and almost ready to go. It's a different design, but it's still cute!

    3. Ok! As soon as I can I'll send it again. Thanks again!

  7. Haha the Holy Taco! XD <3 Molly and the chips....yummy!


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