Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Darling Doll Blog Award!

My friend L. Rose from nominated me for this award! Thanks L. Rose! 
Here are the questions:
1.If you could bring back a retired doll from AG, which one would it be?
Molly McIntire! 
2.If you had to get rid of all your dolls but one, which one would you keep?
Molly! (Don't tell the others...)
3.What do you want a future GOTY to be like?
A writer, with long dark hair as long as Kanani's, with blue eyes and the classic face mold!
4. Scarves or Shoes?
Shoes! I love shoes!
5.How long have you been blogging?
Since September 15th of last year!
Now I nominate:

Here are my questions:
1. Cats or Dogs?
2. If you could pick ANY AG doll, discontinued or not, to own, who would it be?
3. What's your favorite book?
4. On a scale of 1 to 10, what's your favorite color of the alphabet? XD
5. What's your favorite face mold?

Thanks again, L. Rose!

P.S. I'm updating the meet the dolls page!


  1. Your welcome! Thanks for answering the questions :)

    1. You're welcome! I loved answering the questions!

  2. Congrats on your award! I just nominated you for one on my blog! Come check it out!


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