Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve With the Ever After Highs!

So, for Christmas I got the whole collection of original Ever After High dolls, and last night they pulled an all-nighter. Ashlynne wanted to tell you about it!
Hi, I'm Ashlynne, but you can call me Lynne!

Last night was New Year's Eve, and we had a party!

I'm gonna tell you how it all happened....

So, I was talking to Briar, when she said that it was New Year's Eve.

"What?! Why didn;t you tell me?!" I asked. "I just did..." said Briar, looking confused.

"Let's have a FANTABULOUS party!" I cried! 

About 30 minutes later, people started arriving.

First came Holly and Poppy,

Then Liz and Maddie.

Then came my BFF Charlotte! "Charlotte!" I cried, hugging her. "So glad you could come!" "Me too!" She laughed happily.

Then I welcomed Cedar. "Super pleased to be here, Lynne!" She exclaimed. "Pleased to have the party!" I replied.

And then came Blondie. "I hope this party is JUST RIGHT!" She laughed.

"The party can begin, I'm here!" said Apple, dancing in. "LOL not yet Apple. Raven and Cerise still aren't here yet!" I replied, laughing.

"Oh dear, I'm late, aren't I?" Raven sighed despairingly. "No, you're right on time, Raven!"
About 5 minutes later, Cerise arrived.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry Lynne!" cried Cerise, running in. "It's alright, Cerise! The Ball Drop is about to begin!" I said excitedly.

"5.....4....3...2..1..........HAPPY NEW YEAR!" We screamed happily!
I think we had a great New Year's Eve!

What did your dolls do for New Year's Eve?


  1. Fun!! Though I must admit, I'm a bit jealous about Lizzie!!!! I only have Maddie, but that's because I only want the Alice in Wonderland EAH's.

    1. Thanks! LOL! Well, my Maddie says hi to your Maddie. :P


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