Tuesday, December 23, 2014

On The Eleventh Day...

On the elventh day of Christmas, Molly gave to me
eleven gingerbread cookies,

                                                    ten blogs worth reading, (happyhouseofag.wordpress.com, delightfulworldofdolls.com, dolldiaries.com, littlemissfluffet.com, littlehouseofamericangirl.com, www.thefellowshipofthedolls.blogspot.com, girlydolltype.blogspot.com, dollydormdiaries.blogspot.com, americangirlfan.com, and funwithagfan.blogspot.com!)

nine cupcakes for eating,

eight Hershey's Kisses,

seven dolls a playin'

six dolls a smilin',

five golden things!

Four cute hats,

three good books,

two beanie boos,

and a dolly by an oak tree!

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