Thursday, October 30, 2014

Warrior Trick or Treat (Plus: Doll Profiles)

 Hi Guys! I haven't been in the blogger world lately, but I'm trying to get caught up! Okay, first, to answer CutePolarBear's question:  I do actually have more than one doll! I am not sure how to make a meet the dolls page, but maybe this will clue you in 'til I get one:`
Name: Sophia Anonymous
Age: 7
Doll Type: Aurora Disney Toddler doll
Personality: Very girly-girl- my opposite! Loves uh.. glitter... and... glitter....
Her Description of herself: GLITTERY PRINCESS UNICORNS!
My Description of her: uh.......cute.... very uh.. disney-princessy.....

Name: Molly Grace McIntire Anonymous
Age: 11
Doll type: Molly McIntire American Girl doll
Personality: Tomboyish, Fantasy Enthusiastic, Harry Potter Lover, and a lot like me! We often argue about Harry Potter vs. Septimus Heap.... I'm all for Septimus, she'd rather have Harry!
Her description of herself: (In Hermione Granger voice) Oh honestly, couldn't you guess? I love computer games, books, uh... reading.... books,... computer games... OH AND MLP!
My Description of Her: Very much like me. Literally.

Name: Harriett Michelle Anonymous
Doll Type: Madame Alexander doll from Wal-mart
Age: 12
Personality: Like me with more uh...... sci-fi knowledge....
Her Description of Herself: I like ninjas, fashion, LOTR, the Hobbit, How to train your dragon, and..... STAR WARS!  Oh, did I mention BUTTERFLIES?! AND BUTTERFLIES AND FASHION AND I AM AWESOME!
My Description: What she just said, lol

 Found this on deviantart! LOL.  I think it captures the true spirit of Halloween!

And this on fanpop! Those artists truly make Warriors and Halloween AWESOME!
Also on Deviantart.  My fave is Ravenpaw. LOLZ.

Gotta type fast! My mom gave me five minutes' til wireless goes OFF! One more All Hallow's Eve photo.......

Also on DeviantArt. LOL!

Gotta Go! I'll try to type later! See Ya'll!