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Monday, March 27, 2017

This Blog is Under Construction

This blog is under construction, due to a glitch in the etsy template I installed and some general page updates. So if you come to visit this site and it shows it as private, don't worry- we'll be back soon, and hopefully better than ever!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

{Meet the Fankids}

I'm going to attempt to do CampNaNo this month, and the story I'm doing is kind of a sci-fi superhero story, of sorts. Right now I'm calling it Fankids: Origin but I may change it...

Originally, these characters were intended to be based off some good friends of mine... however, the characters had their own ideas. Now they're vaguely friend-like people with superpowers and these random traits that came from who-knows-where. Curse these book characters for having minds of their own.

I gathered all the charries together and asked them if they'd like to introduce themselves to the world- there were varying answers, but because I'm a cruel dictating authoress, they're introducing themselves.

(Note: None of these photos are mine. Credit to their original owners.)

They're each going to have their name and code name, some info about them and their personality, then their power.










15/real/helpful/walking through walls

Did you enjoy meeting them? Which of them would you like to know more about? 
There are some other characters, but as these are the main ones, they're getting a post. I might do a secondary character post later, though- if ya'll want. 
How'd your week go? How do you expect this week to go? 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Tell Me a Beautiful Story- A Poem


Tell Me a Beautiful Story

Tell me a beautiful story
One that I have not heard,
one that I know, as old as the earth.

Tell me a beautiful story
One as shining as the moon, 
one that I don't remember, faded as parchment.

Tell me a beautiful story
One where the sky is open,
one that I see, bright as the grass.

Tell me a beautiful story
One that is new,
one that I'll whisper forever.

Tell me a beautiful story
One forever loved,
to the future, through the past.

Happy start of the week! I hope it goes well for you. May the odds be ever in your favor and may the Force be with you in all your endeavors.

On the topic of poetry, I may not do NaPoWriMo this year... I long to, but alas, I also long to write a story for CampNaNo, and my family also has travel plans... April is a month always packed to bursting, but it is full of fun each year. And it also has several of my family members' birthdays in it!

 Another thing is, it leads up to my birthday, the summer, swimming, and longer days. I'm looking forward to summer. :)

Will you tell me a beautiful story? Are you looking forward to summer?

Friday, March 17, 2017


I love lush, green scenery, and on a day where green is worn, I am reminded that there are good things in large groups of people; if they are all wearing green, they look like a moving replica of the Emerald City.

I have some photos I took a while back- They're predominantly green, and therefore appropriate, You cannot pinch my blog.

This is my favorite so it's first.

This is my least favorite so it's second.

I wish we still had these flowers...

I forgot I took this one! I like it...

What are ya'll doing today? I'm reading Lord of the Rings, and enjoying the last few sweet tastes of spring break... it'll be over soon, you know.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No, I Am Not Dead // Yes, an Update Post

I am, in fact, very much alive.
Take THAT strep throat and flu! And you thought you could keep me down, didn't you? Well, I have proven you inadequate to stop me! I win!


Yes, that is a Yzma GIF. Fear it.

So, what have I learned after my whole family was sick for a week with strep throat and flu?

I am not getting sick again. Ever.

2. The people at Disney get PAID to think up weird stuff.
FOR INSTANCE Phineas and Ferb. No, seriously, go watch the theme song, I'm sure it's on youtube somewhere. Now realize that people make money off that. ACTUAL CASH.

It's beautiful, so beautiful. All the Light We Cannot See is the best thing. Go read it right now, while you wait for Nightfall.

4. SPEAKING OF... Look who is on the cover of Nightfall!
KEEEEEEFFEEE SENCEENN <3 <3 All the Keefe fangirls say: AMEN! 

5. Writing... when one has fever.... it DOESN'T HAPPEN.
...It just doesn't, and my stats show it. Sigh. I'll have to work doubletime during Camp NaNo.

...It's coming up. So far, I've brainstormed, joined a cabin, and brainstormed. I wanted to start a new project, but I really need to finish Dragoncologist....So, yeah, that's what I'll probably be doing. So yeah. I mean, I might change my mind day-of like I did back in November... Hehe...

7. There ARE interesting documentaries on television sometimes.
I know, isn't it great? So much knowledge.

8. The Force is obviously with me because I AM BETTER NOW.
See? Obviously.

So in other words, do not get sick, children! It isn't just 'getting out of school'- it's a week (or so) of being unable to enjoy anything!  Do not risk your happiness!
Are you glad I'm back? No, wait, don't answer that. What are you doing for CampNaNo? There, that's a good question.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Friend Q & A with ShuffleCat!

Hi guys! So, Shuffle and I did a friendship Q&A, and we decided to turn it into a TAG. So the rules are: Answer these six questions (yep, the ones below) and then the six on Shuffle's blog. Do it with your friend, on or off blogger. then post and tag as many people as you like! I'll be tagging one and Shuffle will tag the other!
thanks for the image, shuffle!

1. When did you two meet?
We met in June/July of 2015, at the newspaper activity at a camp that shall remain nameless.  
Shuffle:  So me being Me I started talking to people, and there were these 2 girls, one who now is known as Lemons, and Daisy.  We hung out and talked and stuff like that.  I was really into the Waterfire saga at the time, and she loved Narwhals.  On girls night we danced together and stuff like that, But we never stayed in contact until this past summer. Then… Lemons added Daisy to this group chat we have of nerds that went to camp (again summer of 2016).  I forgot who she was, but then It popped into my head, and I texted and was like, “WAIT, Are you the girl from camp who really really liked Narwhals???” And she said, ya that was me

Daisy: Yeah, uh, well, we had met at camp and we didn’t have phones then (gasp) so we couldn’t keep in touch afterwards… then by chance Lemons and Shuffle went to camp together and Lemons started a group chat and added me to it (I hadn’t gone to camp that year but still) and Shuffle was like, “WOAH HOLD UP ARE YOU THE NARWHAL GIRL” and I said uh… yep yep. And I was like WOAH WAIT ARE YOU THE MERMAID GIRL. And she said “yep yep!” AND WE WERE LIKE WOAH. So then we started texting and emailing and basically we both found out that we were huge nerds and both into Star Wars. (And Harry Potter) (and LOTR) (AND STAR TREK)

Daisy: I got you into Keeper! (And NaNo and Blogging!) I think we’re good for each other, LOL. The more fandoms the merrier. But also, shouldn't that go in one of the other questions?

Shuffle: True.

Shuffle:  So basically if it werent for Lemons we wouldn’t have gotten back in touch.  THANKS LEMONSSSS!!! Also looking back on it, our whole friendship in general was founded on Narwhals.  Thank you mystical Narwhals we believed lived in the lake at our camp.  Thank you.
Daisy: YES LEMONS THANKS! And thank you also for the lemonade that earned your name, it’s delicious. And THANK YOU, O NARWHAL BROTHERHOOD.

2. What is one personality trait that the other has that you like?

Daisy: SHUFFLE IS SO FUN. I am not fun. I am *annoying* so I wish I were fun. Because Shuffle is unexplainably fun. You always end up laughing and having fun and being happy! Shuffle is a fun person. Especially when you’re eating burritos and about to watch a certain movie about certain wizards…. Shuffle helps me try new things, too, because she helped me step into the world of YA fiction. And also Star Trek. Also Star Trek. AND CO-WRITING IS SO MUCH FUN WITH HER BECAUSE HER PLOT TWIST ABILITY IS FAR BEYOND ANYTHING I CAN REACH. She’s all *planning* and I’m all, *slap words down on paper we’ll make sure it makes sense later* and then she’s like *research* and I’m like *chocolate is research* And her paper is all methodically laid out and I look like a mad scientist with all the sticky notes… and all the unconnected ideas…

Shuffle:  Well……. I admire Daisy’s creativity.  And her storytelling ability.  Heck, I wouldn’t be the writer I am today if it wasn’t for Daisy giving me that little push to help me into it.  Her stories inspired me, and their style amazed me.  I have my own style, but I found when we worked together, our styles complimented each other.  If you look at some of our stories (Scarred Sky, Forced Ship) I’m the one that is just like, “Okay.  I’m gonna make up this huge ginourmous backstory for the land and for all the characters and they are gonna come back to life from their past lives and stuff and then at the end of this long hard story and battle, the awesome character I created is gonna die.”  Weezio is just like, “Okay, this character can read minds.  This one is kinda like me.  OMG THE MYSTERY, WHATS GONNA HAPPEN?!?!?!  Okay I have this amazing idea and this character is gonna have this power.  Do I sense a ship? Okay I have this awesome idea.  *gasps* I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER *writes it down*”  And then when I look at the idea im just like:  Mind.  Explosion.  My mind.  Is blown.  The awesomness of this creative idea.  Its just too much.  Ahh.  The blown up ness of my mind.  Ahh.

3.  What fictional Friendship is like yours?

Daisy: Who came up with this difficult ques- waitttt, hold up, that was me. Oops. Sorry... Uh… maybe C3P0 and R2. Shuffle can be R2, all adventurous and feisty and I’ll be panicking and also golden and blingy.

Shuffle:  Uhh… Legolas and Gimli?  Biana and Sophie?  (Excpet lets be honest.  She’d be dating Keefe and I’d just be like, “WHO NEEDS BOYS WHEN YOU’VE GOT BOOKS, VIDEO GAMES, BOOKS, AND PIECES OF PAPER TO WRITE ON?)

Daisy: You don't ‘date’ a homeschooler, you *court* a homeschooler. If you get past their weirdnesses.  LOL. And you said books twice. XD. So true, so true. Book boys are better than real boys. :)

Shuffle:  Well if you go to a private school………….. NOPE IM GOING BACK TO READING IN MATH CLASS!

4.  What are your mbti personalities?

Shuffle:  I’m a Campaigner.  I got it the last time I took the test too, so….

Daisy: lol I’m the Logician, so… XD, I’m an introvert. INTP-T!

5. What are the fandoms that you got each other into?

Daisy: NaNo counts as a fandom, righttt? Lol, uh, Keeper is what I got Shuffle into… I keep trying to push her into Batman but… AND I KEEP TELLING YOU READ WARRIORS YOU’LL LOVE IT. I think I maybe pushed her into Star Wars Rebels… almost… I’m very very close at least. She almost gave a little while ago...

Shuffle:  I got her into Star Trek, and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna try out XMen because I am bombarding her with my love of XMen now.  Uhh lets see..  I think I got her into the Waterfire saga all those years ago….

Daisy: I still need the second book. *pouts* *gets on library website*  

Shuffle: ….. She finished the series and you’re on book 2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! *faints*  Also I will never get into rebels or Clone wars, or anything in the extended universe.  Sorry.  I’m just the type of person that only thinks the movies are canon.. Sorry.  But I do like some of the characters!

Daisy: Hehehehehehe. CW AND REBELS ARE CANONICAL SHUFFLE I KEEP TELLING YOU GUYS! *sobs* *drama* *hermits* *chocolate* *batman* *hobbits* And wait. Wait. Waiittt. I just realized something. *gasp* BLOODLINE IS CANON TOO ASDFJKL THIS COULD PROVE A THEORY WRONG! *scribbles notes* SHUFFLE A BREAKTHROUGH... and she's answering the next question... Oops. Right. Focus.

6.  What is the funniest thing each other has said to each other?

Daisy: *scrolling through texts* *scrolling through emails* *looking at gifs* *coming back to texts* Uhhhh…. CAPS LOCK GLITCH OF DEATH. Heheh I’m sure she’ll explain, but generally, both our caps locks are messed up and glitch sometimes so it struck her today and and she was like “CAPS LOCK GLITCH OF DEATH STRUCK ME AGAIN” And also: I told her I thought spock was an elf and she was like “No… Vulcan. Elves have special abilities. Vulcans have *logic*” and I was like “Logic IS  a special ability!” and out of context that sounds funny but reading it now it is not so funny...XD. Maybe the time she said she was 'beautimus in her pokemon onesie'. That made me laugh! AND WHEN WE SHIPPED MARID AND WE MADE UP THAT STORY. Remember, Shuffle? And parent reactions and we brought people back from the pages of the past and it was like a mish-mash of hilarity?

Shuffle:  that’s a hard one because she says so many funny things!  Time to look through the recent text history…. Hmm.. Here’s one. *looks up ant-man*  *price is expensive* *blinks*.  Oh another funny one was: WHO IS KHAN?!?! AND WHY DOES HE FEEL WRATH?!?!  
Daisy: That wasn't funny. I was being serious.

I tag.... Lydia, Jaclynn, Anika,and Evy

Well, you guys just got to see inside our crazy friendship and get to know us a little better- now go check out Shuffle's blog for the rest of the tag! :) 


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Return to the Doll World

I hadn't been in the doll world very much these past few weeks, just enough to note the sewn-on underwear and squishy vinyl drama, but really, other than that? I was totally out of it.
So you can imagine my surprise this morning when I saw Nanea Mitchell out there in the cosmos.

Image result for nanea mitchell

My reaction:

She will be making it to my house somehow.

She's amazing.

She's from my *favorite* time period, and she is *adorable* and I cannot wait to take pictures of her asdfjkl!

I then saw Logan and Tenney and was all amazed because I think they turned out *really* well- Logan reminds me of a Bitty Twin, and I think he and Leo would hang out.
Image result for Z ag doll
Then Z.... she caught me off guard. I was *not* expecting her. I also *really* like her! She should join us too. *looks around frantically* *makes space*

Image result for logan and tenney ag


Image result for felicity AG back 2017

Who's happy to be back in the doll collecting world?

remember this GIF, Loren? XD XD